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Charge RN of Pre / Post Op

Full - Time

Location: Pre / Post Op Area


Under the supervision and/or direction of the Clinical Director, performs various areas in the processing, treatment, and care of surgical patients in accordance with the established methods and procedures of the facility.

  • Charge nurse or designated RN will be here 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to arrival of first patient.
  • Have a working knowledge of the day’s surgery schedule.
  • Charge nurse or designee will post surgical schedule with last names and phone numbers blacked out. Schedules will be placed in designated areas: 1) clipboard in pre-op area 2) back counter of post op/recovery area 3) and any other area deemed necessary for staff.  You may do this the night before, but always insure patient privacy by turning schedules over.
  • If there are changes in schedule or procedure, notify Anesthesia, OR Charge Nurse and Clinical Director.
  • Facilitate communication between surgeons and anesthesia to staff.
  • Be alert to the needs of pre-op and recovery room staff.
  • Check or assign someone to check charts for next day.
  • Check with pre-testing nurse if chart is not available or complete.
  • Charge nurse will assign someone to help pre-testing nurse with next day’s charts, if requested by her.
  • Charge nurse or designee will prepare appropriate equipment available for next day (i.e. ankle blocks, stellate blocks, etc.).
  • Ensures sufficient staff is scheduled for next day.
  • Call next day’s charge nurse, if not self, to inform of next day’s scheduling and staffing.
  • Assists in pre or post op RN duties as necessary
  • Facilitates staff meetings and in-services
  • Completes monthly staffing schedule
  • Attends AAAHC meetings
  • Sits on different committees as needed

 May assign closing nurse to following duties:

Check and complete all patients’ charts for next day.

Check that all patients have been called about next day surgery time and appropriate orders.

Count narcotics with one other licensed staff person and secure narcotic box.

Secure crash cart and all emergency equipment

Secure pre-op and anesthesia refrigerator

Secure SurgiCenter by locking all doors.

Qualifications and Requirements


Registered Professional Nurse in the State of Illinois

Associate, BN or BS in allied health field


Previous hospital or SurgiCenter experience in OR/PACU

Preferably Management experience in OR/PACU or SDS


Good oral and written communication skills

Good supervising skills

Able to work well with different personalities of staff and physicians

Maintains confidentiality

Able to cope with professional stress