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Radiology Technologist

Full-Time (30 hours / week)

Location: Bloomington, IL
Salary: Negotiable

Qualifications and Requirements

Busy multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgical Center is looking for a Radiology Tech to work 30 hours per week in surgery. The hours are over Monday – Friday working with two other radiology techs to cover all radiology needs in surgery. No weekends, call or holidays. Competitive benefit package. This is considered full time.


The Radiology Technologist is responsible for performing all radiological examinations while maintaining a flexible professional environment ensuring optimum image quality. Also assist circulator and operating room staff, helping with turnover and cleaning operating rooms as necessary.


  • Responsible for working independently, unsupervised with minimal contacts with the OR Coordinator.
  • Responsible for professional work environment including effective use of time being punctual and completing all daily work.
  • Responsible to all physicians, not limited to the Radiologist, by providing requested information, optimum images and updated skills and teleradiography knowledge.
  • Responsible for maintaining equipment in good working order by providing necessary preventive maintenance whether it be by the technologist or scheduled with a contracted service.
  • Responsible for maintaining current continuing education as required for Radiology technologists by Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety and the American Registry of Radiology Technologist. Using this education to remain current to new technology and being able to evaluate new modalities. Accept challenges and remain innovative.
  • Responsible for demonstrating flexibility in the schedule and being available should the need arise.
  • Responsible for daily documentation including but not limited to the patient log book, optical disc storage, filing patient charts.
  • Responsible for maintaining a clean, well-stock, safe environment for patients and staff. Being courteous and attentive.
  • Responsible for monitoring staff that work around x-ray equipment (badges) and for the inspections for all x-ray equipment by the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety.


  • Experience as a registered radiographer with active certification from the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety and American Registry of Radiology
  • At least three years experience in a health care environment preferred